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August 2016


Clinical Studies Demonstrate ConforMIS iTotal CR Customized Knee Implants Provide Superior Outcomes and Potential for Economic Savings, 8/15/16

ConfoMIS, INc, a medical technology company that develops joint replacement devices that are customized based upon a patient’s specific anatomical structures, announced the test results from their latest device. According to their report, patients who were outfitted with the new device were discharged within 24-hours of their procedure and experienced a greater range of motion.

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Will ‘Unloading’ Shoes Help Your Arthritic Knees?, 8/12/2016

Many arthritis patients seek special footwear to minimalize the forces placed upon the affected knee in order to relieve pain. A recent study out of Australia investigated the benefits of modified footwear compared to traditional lace-up footwear on arthritic knees.

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Lara Spencer discusses hip replacement surgery on Good Morning America, 8/11/2016

Joint replacement surgery is commonly seen as a procedure for the elderly. However, Good Morning America’s host Lara Spencer recently underwent hip replacement surgery at 47 and is speaking about her experiences as a younger patient.

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How Common Procedures Became 20 Percent Cheaper for Many Californians, 8/8/2016

In 2011, the California Public Employees’ Retirement System (Calpers) implemented a policy that saw the prices for certain procedures, which included knee replacements, drop nearly 20%. This business model has the potential to save consumers more money while giving them the opportunity to “shop” around.

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Minorities less likely to have knee replacement surgery, more likely to have complications, 8/3/2016

According to a recent study, total knee replacements (TKR) surgeries have more than doubled since 1997, however minority populations are less likely to undergo TKR. For those who do, a greater risk of experiencing complications was reported.

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July 2016


Increased BMI, anxiety associated with higher total knee replacement-related costs, 7/22/2016

Arthroplasty surgery can be a costly process. A recent study found that people with a higher body mass index (BMI), younger age and elevated anxiety faced increased costs related to their replacement.

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Super-hard metal that is four times tougher than titanium could mean hip replacements will last forever, 7/22/2016

Titanium is an incredibly durable metal and the preferred metallic substance used in hip and knee replacements. However, scientists at Rice University, in Houston, Texas, have created a new metal that is four times harder than titanium and could last forever.

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Stem cells could replace hip replacements, 7/19/2016

Scientists at Washington University School of Medicine have successfully used stem cells to grow new cartilage on a model hip. These implications mean that a patient’s own cells might someday be used to repair a damaged joint.

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Hoag Orthopedic Institute Joins World Health Leaders In London to Drive Implementation of International Standards for Orthopedic Outcomes Measurement, 7/15/2016

The Hoag Orthopedic Institute, one of the largest providers of orthopedic care in the US, recently attended an international conference and proposed a set of standards for the measurement of hip and knee osteoarthritis outcomes.

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Researchers discover new genetic mutation linked to osteonecrosis of the hip, 7/14/2016

Scientists at McGill University Health Centre have discovered a genetic mutation linked to bone death in the hip. The implications of these findings may help doctors identify and treat the disease, which may reduce the need for hip replacements.

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Liposomal Bupivacaine After TKA Reduces Hospital Stay 7/12/2016

For patients undergoing arthroplasty, hospital stay and rehabilitation are important parts of the post-surgical process. However, a recent research study suggests that the injection of a particular post-surgical anesthetic may reduce time spent in the hospital and decrease the likelihood for rehab.

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June 2016


After joint replacement surgery, physical therapy is a necessity, 6/30/2016

Patients have many questions concerning physical therapy (PT) following joint replacement surgery. The following article explains that PT is a “necessity” and explores its benefits in depth.

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Your Risk of Infection After Knee Replacement Depends on Your Hospital, 6/29/2016

Many patients have questions and concerns prior to knee replacement surgery. Consumer Reports has released 8 critical questions to ask before surgery to ensure optimal outcomes and improve safety and care.

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Metal ions released by implant wear can damage progenitors of bone-forming cells, 6/22/2016

Patients have expressed their trepidations over metal on metal implant devices. According to the following article, researchers in Berlin found metal ions from devices could reach the bone marrow and inhibit bone cell growth.

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Jury still out on mortality benefits of knee replacement in OA, 6/15/2016

Patients undergo knee replacement surgery to relieve pain and increase mobility, the following articles suggests that patients might also benefit from a reduced mortality rate, however determining those benefits remains difficult.

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Introducing a Toolkit for Knee and Hip Replacement Patients, 6/9/2016

The National Blood Clot Alliance has released a toolkit for perspective arthroplasty patients with information about risks associated with these procedures so that patients can take necessary steps to prevent and treat blood clots.

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Ways to prevent, treat knee and hip joint pain, 6/8/2016

The following article describes ways to reduce joint and hip pain which may reduce immediate need for arthroplasty surgery.

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Patients with RA had better perioperative outcomes after THA, TKA vs controls, 6/3/2016

This article summarizes a research study from the Journal of Clinical and Experimental Rheumatology that suggests patients with rheumatoid arthritis who underwent Total hip and knee replacement surgeries experienced better outcomes opposed to those without RA.

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Artificial hip joints and obesity: Risk of complications rises with BMI but benefits predominate, 6/2/2016

This article summarizes a discussion by the European Federation of National Associations of Orthopedics and Traumatology (EFFORT) that explored the benefits of hip arthroplasty in obese patients along with special considerations that will improve their outcomes and experience.

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May 2016


Antioxidants may help total joint replacements last longer, 5/24/2016

This article summarizes a recently-released research study that suggests incorporating antioxidants into the surface of joint replacement devices may help them last longer and reduce destruction to the surrounding bone.

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Arthroscopic hip surgery on the rise, but study shows it may not be the best choice for patients with arthritis, 5/19/2016

While minimally invasive procedures are preferred over joint replacement, this article suggests that it may not be the best option for patients over 60 with arthritis.

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High incidence of pain common 1 year following TKA, 5/18/2016

This article describes pain experienced by total knee replacement patients after one year.

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Patients may not need to wait two weeks to shower following knee replacement surgery, 5/12/2016

This article discusses post-surgical wound care and avoiding infection in connection with showering guidelines for patients who have undergone knee replacement surgery.

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Ease the pain for National Arthritis Month, 5/10/2016

This is a brief article that discusses when joint replacement surgery may become necessary (hip and knee), what are other non-surgical interventions that may be suggested and what some life style changes may include to alleviate pain associated with joint inflammation.

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Joint replacement therapy: What to know, 5/2/2016

This article provides a brief summary of basic information to know about joint replacement including when it may become a necessary course of action for the patient.

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April 2016


Knee, hip replacements getting easier with 3D models, technology, 4/21/2016

Informative article about how new technology and 3D modelling and robotic surgery is making surgery more precise and recovery much faster.

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Why Medical Devices Aren’t Safer?, 4/18/2016

This article was published in the New York Times and raises important questions about why there is a lack of information regarding safety of medical devices and the importance of access to information about the same.

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Physical Therapy Underused for Knee Osteoarthritis, 4/14/2016

Informative article about the benefits of physical therapy for knee osteoarthritis and the underuse of therapy in favor of corticosteroid injections and surgery to address pain.

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New Medicare rules for hip, knee replacements take effect in Collier, 4/11/2016

This article discusses the potential implications of the new Medicare payment plan on patients who may need to undergo hip or knee surgery.

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March 2016

Health Report: Total Joint Replacement, 3/30/2016

Informative article, including a short video on the surgical procedure, improvements in the procedure and recovery time and issues for total joint replacement.

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An innovative Patient-Centered Total Joint Replacement Program, 3/28/2016

This article describes and discusses a program for joint replacement to address issues such as unmet patient expectations, patient satisfaction and decision making and the pre-authorization process.

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Bundled payments improve care for Medicare patients undergoing joint replacement, 3/2/2016

This article explains what ‘bundled payment plans’ comprise, and discusses the findings of a pilot program that examined the relation between bundled payments for total joint replacement and patient outcomes and quality of care.

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Halting or reducing opioids prior to hip or knee replacement surgery linked to fewer complications, improved outcomes and reduced post-surgical opioid use, 3/4/2016

This article examines the link between opioid use and patient outcomes based on research findings and studies.

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Survey: Most Hospitals Unprepared for Orthopedic Bundled Payments, 3/14/2016

This article discusses the importance of data analysis and patient reported outcomes data in understanding issues around cost and quality of care for the bundled payment system.

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February 2016


Burden of Joint Pain on the Rise –Dramatic increases in emergency visits and admissions, 2/22/2016

This article examines why emergency room visits by patients who are coping with Arthritis have dramatically increased and specifically with a lens on Nebraska.

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Patients benefit from one-on-one counseling session prior to knee or hip replacement surgery, 2/22/2016

This article discusses the benefits patients may accrue, from education about pre-operative and post-operative care in connection with hip and join replacement surgery in terms of outcomes. This article is a result of a study done by Hospital of Special Surgery (HSS)

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Healthy over 60: Knee, hip replacement surgery skyrockets, 2/16/2016

This article discusses the increase in the past few years in the rates of hip and knee arthroplasties. The article also talks about the evolution of surgical techniques and about implant devices.

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November 2015


CMS: New Model for Hip, Knee Replacement Payments, 11/17/2015

This article discusses the changes in pay structure implemented by Medicare to ensure and move toward better quality of care.

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Why patient-generated health data is critical to the process of care, 11/11/2015

This article discusses the importance of patient generated data and patient reported outcomes research in improving patient care.

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