Opportunity to join CreakyJoints Australia Patient Council

Announcing an exciting new opportunity for passionate, advocacy minded individuals to serve as patient Council Members for the CreakyJoints Australia community!

The aim of the Patient Council is to:

  • Create a super-powered network of dedicated patient advocates who are willing to represent other patients within the state they live, to speak on their behalf to external stakeholders, and to participate in important patient-centred activities and decisions relating to patient care.
  • Help develop guidelines for patients with different forms of arthritis, specifically articulating how to live a successful life, despite having arthritis.
  • Build an effective patient community, representing each Australian state and territory (including New Zealand), to share information and support each other in creating a powerful relevant National patient voice.

The ideal candidate for becoming a Patient Council Member is:

  • A patient living with a form of arthritis, with some prior experience advocating or volunteering.
  • An enthusiastic person who is passionate about the issues surrounding arthritis and its related conditions.
  • Willing to organize, recruit, and build a network of patients with arthritis within his or her state/territory.
  • Able to act as a liaison between Global Healthy Living Foundation (CreakyJoints Australia) and the grassroots community.
  • Eager to participate in group conversations and discussion topics lead by GHLF.
  • Willing to help give input to, refine, and approve patient guidelines for how to live with arthritis.
  • Able to attend online meetings once a month and an in-person council meeting once or twice a year

The rationale for creating the CreakyJoints Australia Patient Council:

  • The CreakyJoints Patient Council, representing all American states has achieved huge success for people living with all forms of arthritis. Having local and grassroots patient representation facilitates and accelerates advocacy issues and patient-centred research opportunities for arthritis patients in America. The vision for the soon-to-be-formed CreakyJoints Australia Patient Council is to follow this proven model and allow the state-based patient perspective to inform the national and international activities of CreakyJoints and the parent nonprofit Global Healthy Living Foundation.
  • We believe that Australian patient voices needs to be heard on the issues that really matter, and CreakyJoints Australia wants to ensure they are brought to the attention of the policy and change makers who govern our country.

If you think you are a candidate and would like to represent patients in your state or territory, we would love to hear from you. Just send us an email at info@creakyjoints.org.au. Tell us a little about yourself, your condition and what you would bring to your role as a Patient Council representative. The first in-meeting for the Patient Council will take place in Melbourne on 8-10 December. Submissions are still open. All candidates will be assessed and contacted soon after this.

Please note that becoming a Patient Council representative is a voluntary role, however any out-of-pocket expenses relating to you performing your duties, including travel will be reimbursed.