Patient Charter

CreakyJoints Australia Patient Charter

Living with arthritis is challenging. Pain, fatigue and brain fog can take a major toll on our wellbeing and our sense of self. Our journey with arthritis is made much harder when we have to fight for understanding — from our doctors, friends, colleagues and peers.

As fellow patients, we understand how you feel and can relate to the challenges you face. We are committed to helping ensure that all Australians have access to the information and support they need to receive the best possible care.

CreakyJoints Australia has developed a patient charter to clearly outline what we need from the healthcare system and the kind of treatment we deserve and expect. It outlines the guiding principles and deeply held beliefs that drive our community’s ongoing efforts to improve patient care for people living with arthritis, as well as their families and loved ones.

As patients we believe:

  1. Our experience is at the heart of medicine; thus, we must be at the centre of all medical decision making.
  2. We must play an active role in our own health, including decisions we make about food, exercise and other lifestyle choices.
  3. We can empower ourselves and others to make our voices heard if we are provided with the right education and tools.
  4. Care providers should inform us of all relevant treatment options, including non-medical ones to help us achieve the best health outcomes.
  5. Access to care should not be limited.
  6. We have the right to a second opinion.
  7. Elected officials, drug manufacturers and all associated healthcare professionals must make it their goal to ensure patients are central to all decisions.
  8. We must be treated with dignity, transparency and respect by everyone involved in the healthcare process.

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