Have Your Say – Mini Surveys

have your say

We’re interested in what you think and how you feel about issues that impact you and the wider arthritis community. Our surveys are generally short and only take a minute to complete.

Please note: Our surveys do not require you to include any personal information. The survey results will only be used internally by CreakyJoints Australia to help us plan future resources and content and to help to guide our advocacy efforts.


Using cannabis to manage your arthritis or related conditions

The Australian Government legalised medicinal cannabis for specific conditions in 2016. However, access for people with arthritis and related conditions has been limited and often confusing. We’d love to hear about your experiences with using cannabis for your condition to help inform our future content. Thank you.

Future Podcast Topics

With the exciting launch of our new Podcast series Patient PrepRheum, we are fired up to bring you more episodes and audio guides on important topics that will empower you to live a better life, despite your condition. Let us know what you would like us to cover in future episodes.