Are you getting all the care and support you need for your arthritis from the Australian healthcare system?

While some of you may have good support here and there, we’re sure most of you would agree there are many areas of the current system that could use a major overhaul and a generous injection of funds.

With the Federal election just days away, CreakyJoints Australia are supporting Arthritis Australia’s campaign to ask everyone to Speak Up for Arthritis and tell our politicians how they can best serve the needs of the four million Australians with arthritis.

When this campaign was run during the 2016 Federal election, it made a real difference. Arthritis Australia announced that as a result of the campaign, the Government funded the development of the National Strategic Action Plan for Arthritis and recently committed $4 million towards its implementation. This is a good start, but it is not enough as much more needs to be done.

The focus of the Speak Up 4 Arthritis campaign is for all of us to call on the leaders of the major political parties to commit to funding the National Strategic Action Plan for Arthritis, including providing funding and support for:

  • Community support programs for people with arthritis.
  • Better and more affordable arthritis health services.
  • Research to find better treatments and cures.

You can help share this message by taking 5 minutes to contact the leaders of the major political parties to tell them your story. Telling them your story in your own words will help them to understand why they need to invest more in better care and support for children and adults.

The Speak Up for Arthritis campaign webpage makes it quick and easy. You can use the handy tool there to send emails to the key decision makers. You may wish to send a copy of your email to your local candidates for this election as well.

The more emails they receive, the more likely they will be to take action, so please join the Speak Up for Arthritis campaign now and help Arthritis Australia and CreakyJoints Australia to help you.


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