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A new podcast exploring important and often-misunderstood arthritis topics.


Patient PrepRheum is a new podcast series hosted by Naomi Creek, CreakyJoints Australia’s National Coordinator, who has lived with rheumatoid arthritis for nearly 40 years.  Naomi speaks with fellow patients and renowned doctors to explore important and often-misunderstood aspects of living with autoimmune arthritis and related conditions in Australia. Listen to interesting, relevant discussions with people who live with arthritis to help you feel more empowered.


Check out season one of Patient PrepRheum below and wherever you listen to podcasts. Be sure to subscribe for access to future episodes. Tell your family and friends to listen too, so they understand more about what you’re going through.


Episode 1: The Next Step with Biosimilars

In our premiere episode, we’ll be talking about biologic medicines and biosimilars.  These are medicines that are used to slow or stop the progression of autoimmune arthritis and reduce disease activity when conventional tablet-form medications aren’t working well enough for you. We’ll hear from Ann-Laherty-Hunt, a patient with RA and from Rheumatologist Dr David Liew. Click info button for full description and transcript.


Episode 2: Accessible Medication Through the TGA & PBS

In episode 2, we hear from Janine Monty, who lives with multiple autoimmune conditions. Janine shares why having access to a large range of affordable medicine is key to her being able to manage her everyday life. Rheumatologist Paul Bird explains the important role the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) and Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) play and how patients can have a say in improving access to a medicine. Click info button for full description and transcript.


Episode 3: Improving Patient/Doctor Communication

In our third episode, Naomi learns some top tips from fellow patient Sarah Clark about having good communication with your doctor. Sarah tells of her rocky start with her initial diagnosis and early treatment until she found a specialist who really listened to her. Rheumatologist, Dr David Liew shares some wonderful insights and what helps him provide the best care possible to his patients. Click info button for full description and transcript.


Want to learn more about these topics? We’ve taken the hard work out for you by summarising all the important facts and packing them into short, easy-listening podcasts. Breeze through these mini-presentations and come out with a whole lot of knowledge! Check them out below and be sure to subscribe for access to future episodes.


Audio Guide 1: Biosimilars

Learn more about biosimilars – what they are, how they are made and why they are an important treatment option for patients to consider. Click info button for transcript.


Audio Guide 2: Medicine approval and access in Australia

Learn more about the role of the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), the Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee (PBAC) and the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS). Click info button for transcript.


Audio Guide 3: Improving Patient/Doctor Communication

Listen to helpful tips for patients and doctors to bridge the gap between patient and doctor. Click info button for transcript.

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Patient PrepRheum is hosted by Naomi Creek, a patient living with rheumatoid arthritis for 40 years and the National Coordinator for CreakyJoints Australia.

Diagnosed at age 12, Naomi’s personal experience living with rheumatoid arthritis has made her a passionate advocate for others living with arthritis and chronic pain. She believes patients must have access to the right resources to understand their condition and feel empowered to manage their own health. She is a firm believer in a holistic approach to living well through healthy eating, regular exercise, medication and reducing stress.

Naomi spent many years volunteering with arthritis organisations as a community guest speaker, telephone helpline operator, consumer advisory committee member and later a board member. She spent 10 years leading the Young Women’s Arthritis Support Group (YWASG) in Melbourne and joined CreakyJoints Australia at its inception five years ago.

Despite her nine joint replacements, chronic joint infections, pain and dissuading doctors, she moved to remote Flinders Island, Tasmania in 2018 to follow her dream. There she spends her time working part-time and enjoying creative pursuits like singing, art and photography.


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Patient PrepRheum is a new podcast series produced by the non-profit Global Healthy Living Foundation, its arthritis patient community CreakyJoints Australia, and made possible with support from our generous sponsors.